Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Whether you want to put your creativity to the test or you are strapped for money and can't afford to go shopping, do-it-yourself presents can be a great way to express your love and to show others that they are worth your time.

Make your own gift basket.

Sure, you can always head to the local market and get a gift basket, but not only will you be limited by whatever the creator decided to include, but you are also likely to end up spending lots of money on it. Instead, try putting together your own basket. If you plan your time, you can usually find beautiful empty baskets at local craft stores or art supply shops. You can also try second-hand stores or garage sales, as long as the baskets are in good condition or can be fixed up. Then start shopping with a theme in mind. You can pick a central theme (coffee, writing, movies) and then go from there, buying not only the obvious things but also items somewhat related. For example, a coffee-lover basket should include coffee and a mug, but it can also include a set of pretty spoons, a funny coffee-related placemat or dish towel, and even a book or magazine featuring coffee recipes.

Take advantage of your abilities.

The holidays are probably not the best time to try out a new artistic venture. If you've always wanted to learn to paint, by all means go ahead and take classes, but don't give your loved ones your first failed attempts at painting. On the other hand, if you draw portraits for a living or are always being complimented for the sweaters you knit for yourself, this may be a good time to make use of your talents.

Put together something special.

For presents going to very close people, consider family books. This can be as simple as putting together a notebook of family recipes or as complex as creating a scrapbook of the whole family. A book of memories is another great option and possibly the easier one to put together. Start by collecting anything related to your time and experiences with the recipient such as photos, souvenirs, small writings, and other flat objects. Then glue them together in some logical fashion, for example by date or particular event, or use a photo album to organize them easily.

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