Cool gifts for your friend, cousin or sister

Are you looking for special holiday gift ideas for a close friend, cousin, or sister? Is she into jewelry, make-up, or hair accessories? Is there a necklace or pair of earrings she has been eyeing at the mall? Does she like to try out different hairstyles? Maybe she loves photographs.

Frame a favorite photo of the two of you together, choosing from the many different styles of frames available. Really pink, and girly, or a more subtle, yet sophisticated frame may do the trick. Multiple frames, like a frame album, or a frame lamp are also fun. Another idea is a photo magnet or a frame you make yourself with supplies you buy from a craft supply store.

A collection of small holiday gifts is a great idea. Examples include a decorated pencil or pen with a dangly fuzzy toy on the top or water with glitter in the center. A matching writing tablet can complement the writing utensil. Add a cute keychain to the mix, and you have a nice collection of items for a gift basket.

If you are a good baker, you could bake a holiday gift. Chocolate chip cookies are a delicious way to say you cherish a friendship. Peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal raison cookies, or brownies nicely placed in a decorative box with a festive lid would look fantastic. Include ribbon on it with a card attached for a personal touch.

Some holiday gift ideas make memories. Take your friend, cousin or sister out for a manicure, your treat. Make an afternoon of it. Go enjoy the pampering and help pick out each other's nail color. Facials, massages or any spa treatment is a real treat. Complete your gift with a quiet lunch at a nice restaurant. This gift will not be forgotten.

Does she like to keep a journal to keep memories? Get a three ring binder with a clear-plastic cover on the front. Put an inspirational picture in it and decorate the binder a little. Put colorful paper in it. On the first page, write her a note about how much her friendship means to you.

You know better than anyone does what holiday gift ideas suit the special people in your life. A little creativity can go a long way as you brainstorm for inspiration.

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