Perfect holiday gift ideas for toddlers

There are many great holiday gift ideas that a toddler would love. Children between the ages of two and four typically love ride-on toys and other little two wheelers. Some ride-on toys have wheels and some have peddles. Others are just for the toddler to push along with his feet. Keep size in mind when looking for one of these wheeled toys.

Bubbles are very inexpensive, yet extremely fun holiday gift many toddlers enjoy. Bottles of bubbles range from one simple bottle with a wand inside, to two wands inside or you can purchase a more extravagant bubble set with multiple bubble wands in a variety of fun, unique shapes and sizes. Toddlers absolutely love these.

A simple bouncy ball is a fantastic holiday gift for a toddler. These are available in sizes ranging from a small, hand-sized rubber ball to a gigantic rubber ball that a toddler can almost sit on. They come in a variety of prints from cartoon to fun toddler prints. Both boys and girls love the endless games you can play with a ball.

Do you remember when you loved to dress up as your favorite super hero? There are many holiday gift ideas when it comes to dress-up. Boys can have fun dressing up as Super Man, a doctor, a builder, a veterinarian, a soldier, or a clown among many other characters. Girls can pretend to be a princess, a favorite Disney character, a glamour-girl, or an angel, to name a few. You can find dress-up favorites online to local retail stores.

Does the toddler you have in mind enjoy music? A toy harmonica, toddler-sized piano or toy drums are great for the toddler who loves to play instruments. A toddler radio or a child's CD players are perfect for children who love to listen to their favorite songs. You can find great units that have microphones for little ones who love to sing.

You have many options available to consider when shopping for holiday gifts for toddlers. Some toys are classics, offering childhood fun that never goes out of style. Others are modern but all are educational and inspiring.

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