A Few Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Pre-teen to Teen

Shopping for teenagers and preteens can be tricky. Finding holiday gift ideas can be challenging but if you take time to explore your options, you may come up with many great options. Teens and preteens have many interests. The trick is to figure out what your special young woman would like.

Earrings would be a great choice for girls with pierced ears. A necklace, choker, and rings are other classic gifts that young women love. If you're not certain which to get, consider purchasing a gift certificate to a store with a teen jewelry selection.

Jewelry is usually a great choice but some teens and preteens really want clothes. Jeans are so versatile because they are casual or dressy. Some are just a regular denim blue color but you can find denim jeans in many other colors, too. Others have embroidery, rhinestones, and some sparkle details on them and they come in different cuts.

Get her a top to go with the jeans. Pairing a top with jeans can be simple since jeans go with just about anything. Get a layered one-piece top or two pieces that can be matched with other clothes, or get a casual fitted blouse in a pretty color. The selection here can be fun and the possibilities are endless.

A casual skirt or some cargos are also a holiday gift idea that is popular with teens and preteens. There are many skirts to choose, terry sport-type skirts, denim with a ruffle at the hem, to name a couple. A skort that is like a skirt, but it has an inner piece of fabric that makes it like shorts. Cargos can be Capri style or long pants style.

Coats can be stylish and functional at the same time. Designer coats with super warm down feathers inside and a waterproof, yet stylish outer layer that has extra pocket features and toggle, snap, or button closure are all the rage. These also have hoods with removable faux fur attached. These are available online for a reasonable price depending on what label you look for.

Perfume is a great way to make a teen feel feminine and grown-up. There are numerous scents available to choose from. Just keep in mind what kind of scent she would like. Scents range from light, fruity, floral, to musky and heavier scented.

Age appropriate holiday gift ideas for teens and preteens are readily available in many different venues. Take time to make an inventory of what your special young woman would like. The inspiration will flow as you brainstorm.

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